The education system in Lebanon Local beliefs and behaviour change for preventing Ebola in Sierra Leone Learning Achievement: Engaging with Evidence

The education system in Lebanon

Since the civil war in 1975, the quality of the Lebanese education system has suffered. Two in every three students now attend private schools, where the quality of education is higher than that offered by the public schools. Education was recognised in the peace treaty as a means of moving towards reconciliation, prompting large scale [...]Read more >

Children in Sierra Leone

Local beliefs and behaviour change for preventing Ebola in Sierra Leone

‘The Ebola epidemic ravaging parts of West Africa is the most severe acute public health emergency seen in modern times.  Never before in recorded history has a biosafety level four pathogen infected so many people so quickly, over such a broad geographical area, for so long’ (Margaret Chan, 26th September 2014, WHO). This report focuses [...]Read more >

Waiting mothers shelter, Zimbabwe

Learning Achievement: Engaging with Evidence

This paper, developed in-house by DFID staff, is intended to be the first iteration of a ‘living document’ to explore in more detail the Learning Framework themes (see figure 1 below) and their relation to learning achievement. The idea is for this paper to bring together in-house synthesis work on existing evidence and to act [...]Read more >

Emergency obstetric referral and transport in low- and middle-income countries: the direction of travel

21 May 2015

New mother with her child in a post-maternity ward, Timor-Leste

In low- and middle-income countries, adequate plans to seek care in case of an emergency are important especially if women live far away from where lifesaving care is available. Decisions to seek care can be deferred or hindered. Even if decisions are rapidly made to seek care, transport may be unavailable or slow. Mechanisms to [...]

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Implications of the community health policy change in Kenya in light of world health worker week

08 May 2015

Baby being weighed in outdoor clinic, Kenya

Kenya’s community health strategy (2006) expounds the country’s plan to expand access to community health care for the whole population, through two close-to-community providers:  community health workers (CHWs) (community selected community members who carry out a range of activities at household level) and community health extension workers (CHEWs) (government selected workers who supervise CHWs among [...]

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Operational modelling and its potential for facilitating in-country policy decision making on uptake and implementation of new tools

07 May 2015

Health worker talks to children about hygiene, Pakistan

Newly developed diagnostic tools and algorithms face a number of barriers in effective implementation. Policy makers need to make rational decisions on whether to go ahead and invest in new innovations for health and how. Should a new diagnostic test replace or be used in combination with an existing method? What are the access costs [...]

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Health pooled fund: South Sudan. Mid-Term Review Report: Draft for Submission

06 May 2015

Physiotherapist massages six-month-old, who suffers serious mobility problems in her legs and feet, North Darfur, Sudan

Beginning in October 2012, five donors (Australia, Canada, the European Union, Sweden and the UK) are providing £120 million through the Health Pooled Fund (HPF) for a programme in South Sudan lasting three and a half years. The UK leads and manages the HPF on behalf of other contributing donors. The programme supports the delivery [...]

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DFID professional development

02 May 2015

This helpdesk provides an overview of the literature that focuses on professional development and capacity building. It specifically seeks to explore the evidence on how best to deliver effective professional development and training for technical experts, and how the impact of conferences, seminars, short courses and e-learning can be maximized. There is a range of [...]

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REACHOUT contributes to Ebola enquiry

01 May 2015

The recent call for more of a focus on people centred health systems and the devastating effects of Ebola in West Africa have brought communities to the forefront of the attention of decision makers. REACHOUT, along with our sister consortia ReBUILD and COUNTDOWN, are part of a growing group of health systems researchers who are trying to provide [...]

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Cost analysis of the essential package of health services (EPHS) in Somalia

23 April 2015

Mother holds malnourished baby in hospital, Somalia

This cost study of the EPHS in the three zones of Somalia provides an important step in establishing the fundamental building blocks for further economic and VfM analysis of EPHS implementation and impact. The report explores the following economic questions: What are the actual total and unit costs of EPHS implementation in the regions where [...]

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Ghana health sector support programme: scenario planning and risk management, Draft report

23 April 2015

This review considered possible scenarios for the health sector over the next three years and a range of associated options for future support from the Department for International Development (DFID). The review concludes the best option to be: provision of non-budget support financial aid for primary care. The report makes the following recommendations: DFID should [...]

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Ghana malaria prevention programme, Annual Review

23 April 2015

Girls in a classroom in Ghana

The Health and Education Advice and Resource Team (HEART) was contracted to undertake the first Annual Programme Review (APR) of the DFID-funded Ghana Malaria Prevention, Diagnosis and Data Programme. This review was undertaken between 24 July and 20 August 2014 by a team of two external consultants. The Review Terms of Reference (TOR) posed questions [...]

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Nutrition Scorecard Launch: Driving Accountability and Future Commitments

23 April 2015

Child with food - Pakistan

ACTION global health advocacy partnership have launched their Nutrition Donor Scorecards, an accountability tool for tracking donor’s Nutrition for Growth Commitments. Until recently nutrition has been relegated to the sidelines of development planning only taking center stage at times of acute humanitarian crises. Yet with undernutrition behind 45% of all preventable child deaths worldwide this [...]

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