Best Practices for Vocational Skills Training in Africa

Helpdesk Query:

I would like to request any documentation you have on best practice in Africa for vocational skills, or a literature review on best practices.


The literature on vocational training discusses practices in both the formal and informal sectors and from both government and non-government providers. One best practice common to all of these emerges. It is fundamental that the objectives and outputs of training systems meet a country’s economic and social requirements. Vocational education must deliver skills for existing jobs through labour market analysis. Informal sector training projects should start with a needs assessment of market niches and growth prospects and avoid saturated markets. Scheme planners should find out which industries are hiring and what enterprises are succeeding.

Apprenticeships are found to be one of the most successful forms of vocational training and are generally cost-effective. Girls are often left out of traditional apprenticeship programmes so efforts for inclusion should be increased. The report also includes best practices for apprenticeships and other informal sector training and information on best practice for public provision of vocational skills training.


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