The HEART website showcases knowledge products from two main DFID-supported projects. The main one being a resource centre providing DFID staff and other development actors with health, education and nutrition knowledge and expertise – HEART.

In addition, we host reports from the following programmes:


Health & Education Advice & Resource Team (HEART)

HEART is a consortium of leading organisations in international development, health, nutrition and education. We work together to support the use of evidence and expert advice in policymaking.

HEART helps time-pressured decision-makers better understand, interpret and apply health, nutrition and education evidence. Our knowledge and consultancy services are tailored to support policy decisions and we respond rapidly to requests for assistance as they arise.

What services do we offer?

Email newsletter:

Sign up for our regular HEART newsletter and keep up-to-date on resources and developments in international health, nutrition and education. It will also highlight our most recent helpdesk reports and consultancy updates.

Helpdesk service:

A rapid response research service with a quick turnaround time. Helpdesk reports include literature reviews, document searches and summaries of research papers and other relevant evidence. They are designed to provide the most relevant evidence to address particular policy queries from DFID staff and partners.

Consultancy services:

We offer short-term technical support, including reviews and evaluations, strategy think-pieces, specialist reports and programme design. We shortlist, contract and manage consultants and ensure they meet the terms of reference provided by our client.

Topic Guides and Document Library:

This work responds to the need of DFID advisers and partners to access robust evidence synthesised in ways that make it accessible and relevant.

Support to DFID professional development:

eLearning and a training directory will help DFID advisers to acquire a more in-depth knowledge about topics of strategic interest.

HEART Partners

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HEART history

HEART started on the 1st November 2012. It supersedes the Human Development Resource Centre (HDRC) and the older Health Resource Centre (HRC). The HDRC website has been merged with the HEART one and the archived HRC website can still be accessed.

UKAID logo  HEART, MQSUN and ORIE are supported by DFID