Annual review of the DFID Ghana Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) programme

This is the 2014 annual review of DFID’s £17M Ghana Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) programme (2013 – 2017). It is the second annual review of the programme and covers the period from January to December 2014.

The ARH programme is working to improve reproductive health knowledge and behaviour for up to 350,000 adolescents and strengthen the national family planning (FP) programme. The programme is being implemented in two components: service delivery and operational research, which is coordinated by the National Population Council and managed by Futures Group Europe; and the procurement of family planning commodities, which is managed by Crown Agents.

This review summarises progress and lessons learnt since the last review in terms of the four outputs: 1) increased provision, knowledge and awareness of adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH) services in the focal region; 2) adolescent-friendly sexual reproductive health services developed and provider capacity developed; 3) better evidence of factors affecting uptake of ASRH and FP; and 4) increased availability of FP commodities. Overall, the programme scored A: meets expectations. However, while outputs 2 and 3 exceeded expectations, output 1 performed substantially below expectations and output 4 performed moderately below expectations. The annual review details the reasons behind these results and provides detailed recommendations for improvement specific to each output and to DFID.

The review includes background and context; performance and conclusions; detailed output scoring; value for money and financial performance; risk; commercial considerations; conditionality; and monitoring and evaluation.


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