DFID South Sudan Education Programme, Construction & Rehabilitation of Education Facilities – Construction review.

The South Sudan Education Programme (SSEP) is a three year project that started in March 2011. It is intended that the programme will provide access for an additional 38,000 children to schools every year.

Implementation of the programme is divided into two components. One component is the construction of 37 primary and 4 secondary schools with associated technical assistance in ‘soft’ elements such as the formation of Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs). The other is the rehabilitation of 51 Alternative Education Services (AES) Sites with associated technical assistance plus the construction of six Youth Education Pack (YEP) Centres and one teacher training/adult literacy institute. The number of primary schools was reduced to 30 when the original ‘pavilion’ design for the primary schools was replaced by a more traditional design.

The report makes recommendations for building specification changes for: primary schools, secondary schools, the ongoing construction programme and for future phases of construction.


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