Economic Appraisal – Expansion of the County Education Centres Project

The proposed intervention is to finalise construction of 14 County Education Centres (CECs) such that they become operational. The CECs will predominantly be used for the in-service training of teachers, although they will eventually also be used for government training for other sectors, such as health and agriculture. They will also potentially be used by County Education Departments as resource hubs and examination centres.

This report and presentation outline the intervention and it’s rationale. Intervention options, recommendations, cost-benefit analysis, training and risk are discussed.

Summary and recommendations include:

  • Channelling money through USAID is most cost-effective
  • Cost-benefit analysis shows the project is better than counterfactual
  • UNOPS should be pushed hard to lower costs (other management providers should not be ruled out for negotiations)
  • Project benefits are completely contingent on actual use of CECs – clear risk management and mitigation strategy should be adopted from the start

Full Report: Economic Appraisal – Expansion of the County Education Centres Project [PDF- 400 KB]

Presentation: Economic Appraisal of CEC Construction [PDF- 75 KB]

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