Engaging the Private Sector in Skills Development

The objective of this report is to provide an understanding of the role of the private sector in skills development, both as employers and as skills providers.  The aim of the research was to find potential opportunities to support private sector integration in all aspects of skills development, particularly in low-income countries.  In addition, the research explored the twin issues of access to finance for skills development stakeholders; and financial support from the private sector for skills development programmes.

The research clearly shows that the most effective skills development programmes include both soft skills and technical skills, off-the-job as well as on-the-job training and take skills required in the informal labour market into account.  Ideally, training programmes for disadvantaged groups would include income-earning opportunities, including apprenticeships, with formal recognition of the competences gained.

Private training providers have a valuable role to play if the quality of their provision can be assured.  Evidence that they are closer to employers than public training providers is not definitive.


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