Medicines Transparency Alliance: Options for MeTA Phase II Governance and Administration Arrangements Hosted by the World Bank

In the shorter term, there are two options for administration of a World Bank-hosted multi-donor trust fund (MDTF) for the Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA):

  1.  A recipient-executed MDTF, hosted in the Bank’s Health Anchor (HDNHE) for the bulk of funds, with a small “child trust fund” executed by the World to cover its costs of promoting MeTA, and administering the Trust Fund, and other HDNHE inputs to MeTA.
  2. A recipient-executed MeTA window within the existing Governance Partnership Facility. Alongside this a small World Bank executed portion of the trust fund could cover the costs of HDNHE’s input to joint management of the MeTA window, and other HDNHE inputs to MeTA.

The benefits and shortfalls of these options are discussed in the report.


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