Results & Value for Money: A Performance Review of the Human Development Portfolio in Mozambique

The UK Government is placing a high priority on securing value for money for aid expenditure and it is critically important for DFID to demonstrate the results and impact from the major bilateral development programmes. DFID Mozambique therefore wants to assess the performance and results from its past investments in Health, HIV and AIDS and Education over the period 2005-10. This report will feed into future strategic and resource allocation decisions to be made as part of the next Country Strategy for Mozambique.

The main report has seven sections. The second provides background and the third describes the results framework being used in the HD sector in Mozambique. Section 4 examines DFID’s spending and the performance of the HD portfolio over 2005-10 and section 5 sets out the results achieved to date. Section 6 considers how the methodology for assessing results could be extended and the following section 7 provides an overview of DFIDMoz influencing efforts in HD. Section 8 sets out some suggestions on value for money indicators.


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