Review of Health Partner Engagement with the Ministry of Health, Mozambique

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The primary purpose of this assignment was to review the Health Partner Group (HPG) functions and structure in order to maximise effective engagement with Ministry of Health Mozambique (MISAU).

Areas reviewed include:

  • Summary of coordination arrangements and progress to date
  • Capacity to engage effectively at HPG level
  • Capacity to engage effectively at Working Group level

In conclusion, there seems to be an interest on the part of MISAU for the establishment of a technical assistance (TA) fund available to them. However, it is recommended that before going down that route the Health Partners Group (HPG) should take a more proactive stance and role in resolving TA coordination matters linked to development partner practices through a more systematic assessment of TA-related issues and options. The HPG is also encouraged to use existing structures such as the Working Groups to better, jointly assess TA needs through improved focus on institutional capacity building at MISAU level. Undertaking clear steps towards greater coordination, harmonisation and alignment of TA delivered to MISAU is an integral part of the sector-wide approach that seems to be long overdue.


PDF - 450 KB

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