Somalia: Support to donor working group on Human Resources for Health – Remuneration, HR and payroll process issues related to the introduction of the ‘medium scenario’

The purpose of this assignment was to support the Human Resources for Health (HRH) Donor Working Group to review the implications of the introduction of the medium-level pay scale for health workers on each of the programmes they fund in Somalia (with a focus on the Global Fund, GAVI, JHNP, Health Consortium for the Somali People (HCS), and UNICEF).

Governments have made progress on implementing human resource (HR) and payroll process improvements and investing more in health staff remuneration, while partners have made progress toward the ‘medium scenario’; however, there has not been the coordinated plan of action envisaged a year ago.

Partners fund remuneration for around 4,000 Somali health service delivery staff, at a cost of around US$ 13.5 million per annum; governments fund around 3,200 for around US$ 3 million per annum, which is expected to rise to over 4,000 and US$ 5 million per annum in 2014.

The authors propose a complementary progress of practical improvements to HR and payroll systems to give governments and partners more assurance, and work to agree a costed trajectory for governments to take up most of the remuneration burden of Somali health service delivery workers within five years.

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