Support National Malaria Programme (SUNMAP) Annual Review (2013)

The UK provides financial support to the SUNMAP programme to support the management, coordination and delivery of malaria control services in six Nigerian States. It subsequently expanded to a further four States covering a total population of around 60 million. The support is through the provision of long and short term technical assistance for systems development and training through 6 project outputs: 1) Capacity development, 2) Harmonization, 3) Prevention, 4) Treatment, 5) Demand creation, and 6) Operational research.

SUNMAP continues to perform well against its output targets. More recent data will shortly become available to demonstrate whether the programmes’ success in achieving the desired outputs will be translated into progress towards achieving its purpose and goals. The cost per DALY averted in Year 5 of the SuNMaP project was estimated to be £29 (US$46) and for Year 5+3 months £22 (US$34). This is considered cost effective using the World Bank and WHO benchmarks

The National Malaria Control Strategy (NCMP), having recently been reviewed, is currently being updated. SUNMAP should continue to actively support this process learning lessons from the results of its own performance. This may result in a change in emphasis for the NMCP which will need to be reflected in SUNMAP’s own strategy for its final two years of operation.

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