Strengthening statistics on children with disabilities: UNICEF’s work and planned activities

Large gaps remain in what is known about disability among children. Information gaps include how many children experience activity limitations and how the environment (including physical, social and attitudinal factors) affects children’s participation in their communities. As the main global advocate for children, UNICEF has a lead role in providing the world with current, high… Read more

Youth and skills. Putting education to work. Education For All Global Monitoring Report

Many young people around the world — especially the disadvantaged — are leaving school without the skills they need to thrive in society and find decent jobs. As well as thwarting young people’s hopes, these education failures are jeopardizing equitable economic growth and social cohesion, and preventing many countries from reaping the potential benefits of… Read more

Education of children with disabilities in India. Background paper prepared for the Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2010

The paper provides an in-depth and critical examination of efforts being undertaken under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) towards the education of children with disabilities. It concludes by attempting to bring together a range of disparate themes to suggest the fundamental dilemmas faced in planning and providing for children with disabilities and discusses ways of… Read more

Inclusion in Vietnam: An intersectionality perspective on girls with disabilities and education

This article explores the challenges related to the inclusion of girls with disabilities in Vietnamese schools. Building on fieldwork which interrogates the institutional treatment of girls with disabilities in the Vietnamese context, we suggest that there is a need to think more critically about the inclusion and exclusion of girls with disabilities within social and… Read more

The Economic Costs of Exclusion and Gains of Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities: Evidence from Low and Middle Income Countries

This report is formed of two parts: PART A Systematic Review on Disability and Economic Poverty: This section presents a systematic review of the literature on the relationship between disability and economic poverty. PART B Economic Costs of Exclusion and Gains of Inclusion. This section explores the economic consequences of the exclusion and inclusion of… Read more

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