Higher Education Links

This report outlines projects and programmes identified to give an idea of the higher education links landscape. Programmes are listed in sections starting with British Council programmes, UK links, European links, and programmes in North America. Some evaluation of projects is noted within these sections. A review of the Tanzania-Norway programme is published and notes… Read more

Guidance Note: Engaging the Private Sector in Skills Development

This guidance note provides information on how the private sector can become involved in skills development; it identifies the contribution the private sector can make to increase both the quality and quantity of provision, complementing as well as challenging state provision. The note outlines the benefits of engaging the private sector and how that can… Read more

Best Practices for Vocational Skills Training in Africa

The literature on vocational training discusses practices in both the formal and informal sectors and from both government and non-government providers. One best practice common to all of these emerges. It is fundamental that the objectives and outputs of training systems meet a country’s economic and social requirements. Vocational education must deliver skills for existing… Read more

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