Stratification in higher education: a comparative study

The mass expansion of higher education is one of the most important social transformations of the second half of the twentieth century. In this publication, scholars from 15 countries, representing Western and Eastern Europe, East Asia, Israel, Australia, and the United States, assess the links between this expansion and inequality in the national context. Contrary to… Read more

The rising costs of higher education: a reference handbook

Today’s cost of higher education has increased dramatically. This publication explains the essential concepts in the debate regarding the staggering costs of higher education, supplying ten original essays by higher education policy experts, a lively historical narrative that provides context to current issues, and systematic guides to finding additional sources of information on the subject. Written… Read more

Higher education in India: in search of equality, quality and quantity

India has a large network of around 634 universities and 33,000 colleges with 817,000 teachers spread across the country. Despite its massive geographical reach, higher education in India has had its share of problems. This collection of essays discusses these challenges such as inclusiveness and the impact of reservation on education, the problems of mediocrity, shortage of… Read more

Higher education in development: lessons from Sub-Saharan Africa

This publication provides an insight into sub-Saharan African higher education systems and sets out the ways that they are developing and changing. It explores the dilemmas inherent in a context of scarce resources with increasing and urgent demands for a more professionalised workforce and expert services. It examines the factors inhibiting development such as HIV/AIDS,… Read more

Leadership for world-class universities: challenges for developing countries

This publication reveals how “world-class” thinking and policy can help university leaders employ modern solutions to the challenges facing higher education today. The essays are grounded in empirical research and written to engage the reader, stimulate reflection and enhance performance. This book focuses especially on developing and middle-income countries, which face special problems where higher… Read more

Higher Education

Dr Tristan McCowan is a researcher at the Institute of Education, University College London. He was the expert adviser for the latest HEART topic guide on Higher Education. The topic guide looks at building the capacity of higher education (HE) systems and enabling structures in low-income countries. It also looks at how effective partnerships can… Read more

Skills development in Sub-Saharan Africa

In no region other than Africa is the trade-off drawn more sharply between the achievement of skills development with technical and vocational education and training (TVET) and providing universal basic education. Both are important to economic growth and poverty reduction, but the fiscal and administrative capacity of the state to meet both goals is limited…. Read more

Tracer study of skills for jobs 2012

Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF) commissions vocational training by engaging training service providers (TSPs) through a competitive bidding process. It designs training schemes that allow for quality and cost competition among training providers from different sectors. Skills for Job 2012 (SFJ 2012) was one of the schemes that had been designed by PSDF to expand… Read more

Unleashing the potential: transforming TVET

This publication takes stock of the steadily increasing demands and expectations on technical and vocational education and training (TVET) systems around the globe and presents recent policy trends in the field of TVET. The authors provide insights into what it takes to unleash the potential of TVET systems around the world. They propose an integrated… Read more

Cross-cultural management and the informal economy in Sub-Saharan Africa: implications for organization, employment and skills development

The informal economy has grown in importance within Sub-Saharan Africa, yet there are debates about its role within national economies that appear not to take cognisance of the interests and the weak power base of those working within the informal economy. This article argues that a cross-cultural perspective should be taken in understanding the geopolitical… Read more

A systemic, common and long term vision for higher education reform

Recent studies have illustrated that higher education (HE) is distinctively positioned to make a positive contribution to national economies and societies in the context of the 21st Century global knowledge economy. It is now high on the post 2015 development agenda for national governments and the international development community alike. It is included in Sustainable… Read more

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