Fostering quality teaching in higher education: Policies and Practices

This Guide has been developed by the OECD’s Programme on Institutional Management of Higher Education (IMHE) to assist higher education institutions, university leaders and practitioners in fostering quality teaching. Provosts, vice-rectors of academic affairs, heads of teaching and learning improvement centres, deans and programme leaders, supporting staff, members of internal and external quality assurance bodies,… Read more

Governance reforms in higher education: A study of institutional autonomy in Asian countries

This study focuses on institutional autonomy and the role it plays in governance and management towards enhancing the overall effectiveness of higher education systems. It addresses in particular the effect of autonomy on academic programmes, staff appointments, student admissions, administration, and financing. The study is based on case studies taken from five countries in Asia:… Read more

Higher Education for Development in Rwanda

This article uses the Rwandan experience  to offer valuable insights into the enormous potential—and the significant challenges—that countries intending to build higher education capacity to stimulate economic development face. Rwanda’s dynamic context presents a unique opportunity for Rwanda’s higher education sector, to demonstrate the critical role that universities can play in national development efforts. However, the government’s vision from… Read more

Accomplishments of the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa 2000-2010: Report on a decade of collaborative foundation investment

The Partnership for Higher Education in Africa (PHEA) was launched in 2000 to coordinate the support for higher education in Africa provided by the Carnegie Corporation of NewYork, Ford Foundation, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and The Rockefeller Foundation. The Partnership was a response to trends of democratization, public policy reform, and the increasing… Read more

Skills for Higher Education in Mexico

This project was commissioned by the British Council to explore the need to link secondary school learning outcomes to higher education needs in Mexico, as well as possible mechanisms to accomplish this. It aims to address the following research question: What skills or abilities are necessary for students to be adequately prepared for higher education and… Read more

Family background, financial constraints and higher education attendance in China

Using data from the 2004 China College Student Survey, conducted by the author, this paper finds that long-term factors such as scholastic ability and parental education are significantly correlated with higher education attendance. By contrast, short-term financial constraints are also significantly associated with higher education access, but to a lesser degree. Furthermore, in recent years… Read more

Globalization and Higher Education Reform in China

This paper reviews the reforms in higher education in China in the context of globalization, pinpointing the conception changes, policy changes, governance changes and consequential changes in curriculum and methodology. What is presented here is grounded in documentation, and uses Northeast Normal University as a case study. The paper explores areas of change in education in… Read more

Civil Engagement in Higher Education and its role in Human & Social Development

Over the past century the world has seen many social, economic and political transformations. It has transformed from a largely colonial era to a largely democratic one. Yet, while democratization of political culture guaranteed citizens’ rights and freedom, it did not result in democratization of learning and knowledge production. The change in education systems has… Read more

Knowledge transfer through internship: The EASLIS experience in strengthening the governance decentralisation programme in Uganda

Makerere University, Kampala,Uganda has attempted over many years to integrate knowledge transfer programmes into its higher education programmes through various strategies, including internship and fieldwork studies. The internship programmes have gained popularity, especially through the interventions from the Innovations at Makerere Committee of the University that supported a number of academic units to enhance the decentralisation of… Read more

Higher education institutions and local government: Collaborating for growth

This paper provides evidence of what can be achieved if the UK recognises the wider role and influence that Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) can have within cities and surrounding areas. It highlights the recent work that has taken place between the Local Government Association (LGA) and Universities UK to promote the role universities and other HEIs can… Read more

Past and Current Experiences of Higher Education Partnership Approaches within the wider context of Development Cooperation with Africa

This article traces how changes in international development policy and practice over time and across different donor organisations has influenced Ireland’s stance on the inclusion of higher education and research in Ireland’s overseas development assistance. Evidence of the changes in Ireland’s official thinking on higher education and development is illustrated through two case studies profiling two different modalities, separated by 30… Read more

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