Thematic Note 2013 – Education for All Global Monitoring Report Teaching and Learning for Development

The 2013 Education for All Global Monitoring Report will show why teaching and learning are pivotal for development in a rapidly changing world. It will explain how investing wisely in teachers, and other reforms aimed at strengthening equitable learning, transform the long- term prospects of people and societies. As the 2015 deadline approaches, it is… Read more

World Inequality Database on Education (WIDE) Inequalities in Education

The World Inequality Database on Education (WIDE), developed by the Education for All Global Monitoring Report, draws attention to unacceptable levels of education inequality across countries and between groups within countries, with the aim informing policy design and public debate. This booklet looks at the impact that gender, wealth and where a child or young… Read more

Oceans of Innovation – The Atlantic, the Pacific, global leadership and the future of education

This report assumes the near certainty that the Pacific region will take primary leadership of the global economy in the near future and explores the implications for their education systems, calling for a ‘whole-system revolution’ in the structure and priorities of teaching and learning in the region. The education revolution will need to be based… Read more

Sir Michael Barber on evidence-based policymaking for education in Pakistan

Sir Michael is a leading authority on education systems and education reform. Over the past two decades his research and advisory work has focused on school improvement, standards and performance; system-wide reform; effective implementation; access, success and funding in higher education; and access and quality in schools in developing countries. Sir Michael is DFID’s Special… Read more

The good news from Pakistan

This report argues that a rigorous focus on the successful delivery of aid can lift developing countries to the point that aid is unnecessary. “The good news from Pakistan” draws lessons from Sir Michael Barber’s experience of delivering aid in Pakistan since 2010.  Throughout he demands a new level of ambition and execution in aid… Read more

Analysis of the problems of primary education system in Pakistan: critical review of literature

This study critically examines the problems of primary education system in Pakistan. For this purpose a critical review of existing literature was carried out. On the basis of deeper and critical investigation into the literature, the study found that primary education is the most neglected, poorly financed and poorly managed. There is political interference in… Read more

Gender: Theory and Practice in Education

The module aims to encourage a critical examination of key debates concerning theory, research and practice in the field of gender and education, and to provide course members with an awareness of the complex social contexts in which gender relations are formed and changing. The module will engage with a number of key debates in… Read more

Gender, Education and Development

This module aims to link work in education and international development with insights from gender and education and relate these to educational policy and practice. It is designed to develop an understanding of the circumstances in low and middle income countries, under which gender affects rights to, rights in and rights through education. The course… Read more

A Girl’s Right to Learn without Fear: Working to End Gender-based Violence at School

This report focuses on one of the major barriers to education girls face: gender-based violence – sexual, physical and psychological – in and around schools. Girls are vulnerable to rape, exploitation, coercion and discrimination perpetrated by students and teachers. ‘A girl’s right to learn without fear’ looks at the issues and presents solutions which are… Read more

Youth and education in fragile states by Dr. Marc Sommers

In the first of our new HEART Talks series Dr. Sommers gives an insight into youth and education in fragile states. He addresses the following themes: sexual violence increasing urban migration education systems masculinity Dr. Sommers is an internationally recognised youth expert and an award-winning author. An anthropologist, Africanist, educationalist and evaluator, he has carried… Read more

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