Strengthening examinations and assessment in Uganda: a roadmap – inception report

Improving student learning outcomes is one of the top priorities for the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology & Sports (MOESTS). Valid and reliable measures of the quality and distribution of student learning outcomes are essential components in the drive for improved education quality. However, improved learning achievement depends not only on the resources invested in… Read more

Literature review: higher education and development

Research focusing on the links between education, development and social change has a long history; this includes research on higher education investment in low-income countries by external and international development agencies. Analysis of the impact on society of higher education in developing countries emerged alongside post-colonial discourses and modernisation theories. Research generally focused on how… Read more

Study of non-state provision of education in Maputo

This study presents results of a census of non-state schools in two low-income areas of Maputo, Mozambique. Non-state schools include purely private, community, and church mission-supported schools some of which receive government support in the form of deployment of civil service teachers. The study finds that the only notable growth of the private sector is… Read more

Moving towards integration: overcoming segregated education for IDPs – case study on education and displacement in Georgia

Internally displaced children have the same right to education as other children; this right cannot be suspended even in emergencies. Yet in reality, many internally displaced children struggle to go to school. Even when they do have access to education, they are often taught apart from local students, for example in separate schools or at… Read more

A platform for education in crisis and conflict: a GPE issues paper

This issues paper is intended to inform a series of discussions convened by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) about a potential new platform or fund to address the educational needs of children and youth affected by crisis and conflict. In it, the authors review the current architecture for funding and delivery of educational services for… Read more

Improving early grade learning outcomes in Uganda

DFID Uganda is re-engaging in the education sector after several years. This is the final report on a process of identifying and appraising options for supporting improvements in early grade learning outcomes, conducted by a team of consultants under the direction of the DFID Uganda Education Adviser. The strategic case for intervening to improve learning… Read more

The political economy of education in conflict affected areas

Mario Novelli is a professor of the Political Economy of Education at the Centre for International Education, University of Sussex. Professor Novelli talks about a new rigorous literature review on the political economy of education systems in conflict-affected contexts of which he was the lead author. There has been an increased interest in political economy… Read more

School feeding

This report identifies research on the outcomes of school feeding programmes which are mixed but largely positive. Some programme costs and design considerations are presented which provide lessons for sustainability and affordability. Some cost-benefit analyses are also included and trade-offs discussed. Key points for consideration in programme design include: Geographical targeting. Biscuits are a significantly… Read more

Higher Education

Dr Tristan McCowan is a researcher at the Institute of Education, University College London. He was the expert adviser for the latest HEART topic guide on Higher Education. The topic guide looks at building the capacity of higher education (HE) systems and enabling structures in low-income countries. It also looks at how effective partnerships can… Read more

Education for pregnant girls and young mothers

Officially, pregnant girls in Kenya are allowed to stay in school as long as they think they can. However, there are cases where school authorities bar pregnant girls from attending school or girls leave school early to avoid stigma. There is no education provision whilst girls are on maternity leave unless parents are able to… Read more

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