Youth and education in fragile states by Dr. Marc Sommers

In the first of our new HEART Talks series Dr. Sommers gives an insight into youth and education in fragile states. He addresses the following themes: sexual violence increasing urban migration education systems masculinity Dr. Sommers is an internationally recognised youth expert and an award-winning author. An anthropologist, Africanist, educationalist and evaluator, he has carried… Read more

Time taken for inputs into education or policy reform to affect learning outcomes

It is difficult to assess the time it takes for inputs into education or education policy reforms to affect learning outcomes. Attributing changes in results to system-wide reforms can be complex when there are many different programmes and elements affecting outcomes. Data are not always available on learning outcomes over time and may be complicated… Read more

What Education Policies Work Best to Increase Student Learning? Lessons from Three Recent Reviews of the Evidence

Seminar Summary: The focus of education policy in developing countries, and of bilateral and multilateral assistance to those countries, should be on increasing student learning. Unfortunately, there is at best incomplete evidence on which education policies are most effective for increasing student learning.  This note summarises the findings of 3 different reviews of “what works”… Read more

Local Block Grants in Education

This report looks at several examples of programmes using local block grants in education.  Section 2 covers Direct Support to Schools (DSS) in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Mozambique and includes information on the objectives and the results.  Section 3 includes information on Educational Block Grants to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in Tanzania and Uganda. … Read more

Education Interventions and their Impact on Nutrition

Nutrition interventions in schools and for school age children are covered in sections 2 and 3.  These sections look at general school health and nutrition programmes, micronutrients, school feeding, de-worming, nutrition interventions for school age children, improved hygiene, cash transfers, zinc supplementation and adolescent nutrition. Information on nutrition interventions for children under 2 years old… Read more

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