Comprehensive sexuality education

Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) has strong support in the international discourse, and is supported by a relatively robust evidence base. In general, the evidence suggests that CSE has positive impacts on behaviour change, such as increased condom use, girls’ empowerment and delayed sexual debut. This is achieved through increasing knowledge and changing attitudes. There is… Read more

Meeting the Need: Strengthening Family Planning Programs

This report is designed as a general resource to help family planning program managers strengthen their programs and meet growing family planning needs. It does not attempt to present a detailed technical analysis of the issues and does not address the many regional and country variations and circumstances related to providing family planning services. Instead,… Read more

Is ‘sanitised’ sex education good for countries with a high prevalence of HIV?

I’m asking myself this question in relation to the sex education that is offered to adolescents in Malawi as part of their education.  It is ‘sanitised’ because they are only taught about abstinence (while the other preventative methods of ‘being faithful to one’s partner’ and ‘condomising’ are completely ignored). According to the UNAIDS AIDS Pandemic… Read more