mHealth refers to medical and public health practice supported by mobile devices.  Mobile phones and internet technology are being used in developing countries for health projects with some success. The bulk of the literature is on phones being used for workers to communicate with patients and for reporting and surveillance, rather than for communication between… Read more

DFID Bilateral Aid Review (BAR) in Health: How to estimate the costs and results of health related activities

This note is intended to assist country offices in preparing the health components of their funding proposals. The 5 step process involves: 1)    Identifying need and setting the context. 2)    Defining the offer: what interventions are you proposing? a.    Is there a health sector plan that can be used as a basis for support? b.   … Read more

PRRINN-MNCH Annual Review

This review is a DFID annual review of two projects that have been combined: the DFID-funded Programme for Reviving Routine Immunisation in Northern Nigeria (PRRINN) project and the Norwegian-funded Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Health (MNCH) project. Particular successes include: the basket fund in Zamfara state demonstrating that funds can be transparently managed there the appreciation… Read more

Review of major Results Based Aid (RBA) and Results Based Financing (RBF) schemes

“Managing for results” is a key component of the Paris Principles of Aid Effectiveness. The lack of a results focus is seen as a major reason why past aid efforts have yielded disappointing results. Key messages from the review include: It is important first to take a step back and ask “are we targeting the… Read more

Evaluation of links between North and South Healthcare

HRC REPORT: This report contains the results of an independent evaluation into Global Health Partnerships as outlined in Lord Crisp’s report, Global Health Partnerships: The UK contribution to health in developing countries (March 2003). The report clearly documents that links can benefit partners both in developing countries and in the UK – but also recognises… Read more

An Assessment of Technical Assistance Provision To The Pakistan Health Sector

HRC REPORT: This report covers a range of issues concerned with the procurement and management of technical assistance for the health sector in Pakistan. It considers how DFID can ensure that its investments in technical assistance continue to move towards a growing vision of a more aligned and market oriented approach to technical assistance, procured… Read more

Aligning ACT Supply and Demand: Short and Long Term Options

HSRC REPORT: This paper considers the short and longer term options for aligning supply and demand of artemisin-based combination therapy (ACT) for Malaria. This is set on a background of increasing pressure for countries to change their anti-malaria drug policy to ACT (Artemisin-based Combination Therapies), by the World Health Organisation. However, despite the fact that… Read more

Global Health Partnership Impact on Commodity Pricing and Security

HRC REPORT: This report, commissioned as part of a series evaluating Global Health Partnerships (GHPs), focuses on identifying the impact of structures embedded within GHPs on pricing and security ofcommodities that meet global health needs in developing countries. The report identifies the market structure within which the different GHPs are operating, traces the various functions… Read more

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