Assessing the Impact of Global Health Partnerships

HRC REPORT: DFID commissioned a substantial, evidence-based assessment of the impact of the Global Health Partnerships (GHPs) with which DFID engages at both global and country level, drawing out best practice principles to guide DFID’s future engagement.This synthesis report summarises key findings from a series of component studies which in practice covered a wider range… Read more

Willingness and Ability to Use TRIPs Flexibilities: Kenya case study

HSRC REPORT: This study describes the current context relating to access to medicines in Kenya , which currently obtains medicines from domestic and international sources. It also outlines the influence of TRIPS on availability of essential medicines in health centers in Kenya. It looks at how TRIPS flexibilities influence the importation of specific drugs and… Read more

A Review of the Human Resource Content of PRSP and HIPC documentation in 6 selected African Countries

HSRC REPORT: This review examined for 6 African countries, the country based poverty reduction strategy paper (PRSP) documentation and the associated World Bank/IMF HIPC (Heavily Indebted Poor Countries) documentation for human resources for health content. These documents were supplemented with other relevant country documents such as health strategies.  

An overview of Sector Wide Approaches (SWAPs) in health: Are they appropriate for aid-dependant Latin American countries?

HSRC REPORT: This paper has provides background information on the concept of SWAps (Sector Wide Approaches) and their implementation for policy makers, donor agency staff and health professionals. The paper attempts to encapsulate the main conceptual and practical issues involved in SWAp development.

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