Increasing the provision of essential health care services through support of health workers in Sierra Leone

DFID committed 12 million GBP to uplift frontline health workers’ salaries in Sierra Leone from 2010 to 2015 to support the implementation of the Free Healthcare Initiative (FHCI), launched in April 2010, which made health services free for pregnant women, children under five years of age and nursing mothers. Increasing the availability of frontline health… Read more

Gender Equity Analysis: A necessary prerequisite for addressing gender-related outcomes

In this blog post Ireen Namakhoma discusses the importance of gender equity analysis within health research. In March 2015, the Global Health Action produced a special issue on Gender and Health. One of the articles which I co-authored together with colleagues from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Eleanor MacPherson, Sally Theobald and Esther Richards, highlights… Read more

Lessons Learned from the Working to Improve Nutrition in Northern Nigeria (WINNN) project: A Government Perspective

Dr Chris Osa is the Head of the Nutrition Division at the Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria. In this video, he discusses the Working to Improve Nutrition in Northern Nigeria (WINNN) project from the perspective of the Nigerian Government. According to Dr Osa, WINNN has had a significant impact on nutrition in Northern Nigeria… Read more

Andrew Tomkins on the future of the Working to Improve Nutrition in Northern Nigeria (WINNN) project

Professor Andrew Tomkins is the International Team Leader of the Operational Research and Impact Evaluation (ORIE) project. In this video, Professor Tomkins discusses the future of the Working to Improve Nutrition in Northern Nigeria (WINNN) project and puts forward a brief proposal of what WINNN 2 might look like in the future. WINNN 2 Aims: – Preventing… Read more

Ibrahim Oloriegbe on the Working to Improve Nutrition in Northern Nigeria (WINNN) project

Dr Ibrahim Oloriegbe is the Chief of Party/National Programme Manager for the Working to Improve Nutrition in Northern Nigeria (WINNN) project in Abuja, Nigeria. He is responsible for the overall leadership, management and coordination of the project. In this video, Dr Oloriegbe discusses the WINNN project, including the purpose, impact, outcome, and outputs of this… Read more

The Promise of Preschool in Africa: A Randomized Impact Evaluation of Early Childhood Development in Rural Mozambique

The earliest years of life are pivotal in forming the foundations for healthy development and providing children and their societies the opportunity to reach their full potential. However, many children in developing countries are not able to develop to their full potential because of serious deficits in health, nutrition and proper cognitive and non-cognitive stimulation…. Read more

Clean birth and postnatal care practices to reduce neonatal deaths from sepsis and tetanus: a systematic review and Delphi estimation of mortality effect

Abstract Background: Annually over 520,000 newborns die from neonatal sepsis, and 60,000 more from tetanus. Estimates of the effect of clean birth and postnatal care practices are required for evidence-based program planning. Objective: To review the evidence for clean birth and postnatal care practices and estimate the effect on neonatal mortality from sepsis and tetanus… Read more

Maternal nutrition at conception modulates DNA methylation of human metastable epialleles

In experimental animals, maternal diet during the periconceptional period influences the establishment of DNA methylation at metastable epialleles in the offspring, with permanent phenotypic consequences. Pronounced naturally occurring seasonal differences in the diet of rural Gambian women allowed us to test this in humans. We show that significant seasonal variations in methyl-donor nutrient intake of… Read more

Health pooled fund: South Sudan. Mid-Term Review Report: Draft for Submission

Beginning in October 2012, five donors (Australia, Canada, the European Union, Sweden and the UK) are providing £120 million through the Health Pooled Fund (HPF) for a programme in South Sudan lasting three and a half years. The UK leads and manages the HPF on behalf of other contributing donors. The programme supports the delivery… Read more

Nutrition Scorecard Launch: Driving Accountability and Future Commitments

ACTION global health advocacy partnership have launched their Nutrition Donor Scorecards, an accountability tool for tracking donor’s Nutrition for Growth Commitments. Until recently nutrition has been relegated to the sidelines of development planning only taking center stage at times of acute humanitarian crises. Yet with undernutrition behind 45% of all preventable child deaths worldwide this… Read more

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