DALYs and Essential Packages

HSRC REPORT: A review of the value and limitations of using the DALY (Disability Adjusted Life Year) as a measure of health status and health intervention effectiveness, and its role in developing an Essential Service Package for health care. This paper also provides information on the rationale behind DALYs, methodological and practical problems involved in… Read more

Review of World Health Report 2000

HSRC REPORT: This report provides a broad view of health systems measuring performance against three goals: improving health and reducing health inequalities; enhancing responsiveness “to the legitimate expectations of the population”; and assuring fairness of financial contributions. The report then identifies the four functions that a system needs to deliver health system goals: service provision;… Read more

An introduction to Health Insurance for Low Income Countries

HSRC REPORT: This is a brief introductory guide to health insurance. It is written primarily for people thinking about introducing health insurance, including senior staff of Ministries of Health and in development agencies. The purpose of the guide is to explain the concepts and terms used in health insurance and to identify key issues for… Read more

Health Sector Reform: Improving Hospital Efficiency

HSRC REPORT: The purpose of this publication is to describe some of the practical issues and options involved in introducing these types of improvement initiatives. It is aimed at both policy makers and those responsible for the actual implementation of hospital management reforms. It presents some draft agreements and policies developed in particular countries which… Read more

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