Strategic Review of DFID support to the Health and Population Sector in Pakistan and Recommendations for Future Support

The objective of this strategic review is to produce evidence-based options and recommendations for DFID’s strategy for engagement in Pakistan’s health and population sector over the next 3-5 years. The report suggests approaches that will work with- rather than just through– Government, enabling other stakeholders to complement and strengthen government services. For example, national/international NGOs… Read more

Education and Fertility in India

The report has sections on the following areas: Education and Fertility Education and Fertility in India and the Region Economic Returns to Women’s Education in India Education and Reproductive Health Initiatives Adolescent Reproductive Health Programmes  In reviews of regional and global studies: Women with primary education tend to have higher fertility than women with secondary–plus… Read more

Reproductive Health Commodity Security (RHCS) Country Case Studies Synthesis: Cambodia, Nigeria, Uganda and Zambia

HRC REPORT: This report, which synthesises findings from four country level studies, provides an analysis of the key factors that influence the financing, procurement, forecasting, and supply of reproductive commodities, including how national and international agents interface and co-ordinate their activities.  

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