Review of implementation processes for integrated nutrition and psychosocial stimulation interventions

This article reviews the implementation processes for interventions that integrate nutrition and psychosocial stimulation for children under 5 years of age in low- and middle-income countries. We examine the content of these programs, the delivery strategy, intensity and duration, personnel training and supervision, compliance, and fidelity. A systematic search of the Global Health Ovid database… Read more

Effects of psychosocial stimulation and dietary supplementation in early childhood on psychosocial functioning in late adolescence: follow-up of randomised controlled trial

OBJECTIVE: To determine whether dietary supplementation or psychosocial stimulation given to growth retarded (stunted) children age 9-24 months has long term benefits for their psychosocial functioning in late adolescence. DESIGN:Sixteen year follow-up study of a randomised controlled trial. SETTING: Poor neighbourhoods in Kingston, Jamaica. PARTICIPANTS: Of 129 stunted children identified at age 9-24 months, 103… Read more

Effect of iron-, iodine-, and β-carotene–fortified biscuits on the micronutrient status of primary school children: a randomized controlled trial1,2,3,4

Background: Deficiencies of iron, iodine, and vitamin A are prevalent worldwide and can affect the mental development and learning ability of schoolchildren. Objective: The aim of this study was to determine the effect of micronutrient-fortified biscuits on the micronutrient status of primary school children. Design: Micronutrient status was assessed in 115 children aged 6–11 y… Read more

Nutritional Supplementation in Early Childhood, Schooling, and Intellectual Functioning in Adulthood

Objective: To estimate the association of improved nutrition in early life with adult intellectual functioning, con- trolling for years of schooling. Design: Prospective cohort study. Setting: Four villages in Guatemala, as well as locations within Guatemala to which cohort members migrated. Participants: Individuals who had participated as children in a nutrition supplementation intervention trial from… Read more

Early childhood development and cognitive development in developing countries: A rigorous literature review

What do we want to know? This review considered the following overarching question and sub-questions. How, why and under what conditions are Early Childhood Development (ECD) interventions in developing-country contexts effective in promoting cognitive development? What types of ECD interventions are effective in promoting cognitive development? What is the minimum amount of intervention needed to… Read more

Evaluation Report on Integrated Child Development Services

The Government of India launched the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) in 1975 in recognition of the importance of early childhood care as the foundation of human development. The ICDS has expanded over the years and is now one of the world’s largest and unique outreach programmes responding to the challenges of meeting the holistic… Read more

Feasibility of integrating early stimulation into primary care for undernourished Jamaican children: cluster randomised controlled trial

Objectives: To assess the feasibility of integrating early psychosocial stimulation into primary care for undernourished children and to determine the effect on children’s development and mothers’ knowledge and practices of childrearing. Design: Cluster randomised controlled trial. Setting:  18 clinics in three Jamaican parishes. Participants:  139 undernourished children aged 9 to 30 months and their mothers… Read more

Early Childhood Policies in Sub-Saharan Africa: Challenges and Opportunities

In recent years, increasing priority has been placed on the development of national intersectoral early childhood development (ECD) policies in Sub-Saharan Africa. This paper reviews the role of national ECD policies to promote young children’s access to key early childhood services. We discuss the proliferation of national ECD policies in Sub-Saharan Africa in the last… Read more

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