A toolkit for mainstreaming gender in Higher Education in Africa

This Toolkit  was developed to in response to the need to improve gender-mainstreaming initiatives in higher education in Africa, and build capacity within institutions, particularly with respect to mainstreaming gender in their human resource development policies and academic programs. The Toolkit, which is made up of the ten modules includes as an Appendix, a Literature Review, as well as Module 1 Basic Facts about Gender; Module 2 Forming Policies and Strategies; Module 3 Gender Sensitisation of Tertiary Institutions: the Role of Human Resources Development and Management; Module 4 Mainstreaming Gender in the Curriculum; Module 5 Research and Gender Sensitive Research Methods; Module 6 Faculty and Support Programs; Module 7 Student Access and Retention; Module 8 Gender Violence and Sexual Harassment; Module 9 Disaggregated Data; Module 10 Resource Mobilization for Gender Equity. The Association of African Universities and the Working Group on Higher Education hope that institutions  will benefit from this toolkit, and take proactive steps to mainstream gender in their core functions, not only to ensure better institutional governance and human rights but as a means of achieving equitable development and use of the most highly skilled human capital to accelerate the continent’s socio-economic development.

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