Accomplishments of the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa 2000-2010: Report on a decade of collaborative foundation investment

The Partnership for Higher Education in Africa (PHEA) was launched in 2000 to coordinate the support for higher education in Africa provided by the Carnegie Corporation of NewYork, Ford Foundation, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and The Rockefeller Foundation. The Partnership was a response to trends of democratization, public policy reform, and the increasing participation of civil society organizations in a growing number of African countries, with support focused in nine African countries: Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Madagascar, Mozambique, South Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana. This report aims to capture the key accomplishments, summarize each foundation’s investments, and convey a sense of the contributions each foundation made to the collective effort. It is hoped that documenting the PHEA’s efforts will encourage other stakeholders, particularly funders, governments, and university partners, to actively engage in supporting the ongoing transformation of African higher education.

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