Age, gender and diversity: accountability report 2014

Since 2007, UNHCR has systematically applied an age, gender and diversity (AGD) accountability approach across all of its operations. Several recommendations emerge from the analysis of UNHCR’s 2014 AGD Accountability Report.

UNHCR’s accountability processes are strong in the initial phase of the programme cycle, with reporting demonstrating that this becomes diluted in the following phases of the programme cycle, specifically on monitoring and evaluation, oversight mechanisms and programme revision. Given this, the report recommends that participatory AGD measures are incorporated at key stages of the programme cycle to improve programmes and strengthen accountability. Given the key challenge of participation that has been highlighted by women, youth, persons with disabilities and older persons, it is recommended that the agency strengthen skills development and capacity building, specifically on leadership skills, amongst persons of concern to enable and strengthen their meaningful and effective participation. It is also recommended that there be further investment in agency-wide interventions on the ‘how to’ with regard to AGD integration. This will also assist in operationalising existing guidance where it may already exist and highlight gaps that need to be addressed. The 2014 AGD reporting on disability inclusive programming and interventions targeting older persons is largely silent on the complex issue of how gender considerations impact women and girls in these groups. To ensure that gender equality measures are integrated into all stages of the programme cycle targeting the diverse population groups UNHCR works for, it is recommended that gender analysis be strengthened. Further, very few operations reported specifically on interventions with men and boys, especially survivors of SGBV. Given the importance of developing community-based responses and recognising that vulnerabilities exist amongst all persons of concern, further programmatic engagement with men and boys is recommended.


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