BRICS Building Education for the Future

This paper reports a comparative analysis of education trends in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Collectively these countries have emerging economies and are known as BRICS. The analysis indicates that the BRICS have shared aspirations but different development trajectories. There are good opportunities for educational progression through knowledge exchange and joint activities. Following an overview of BRICS education systems, major policy issues related to quality and equity are highlighted. BRICS are seeking to sustain and widen the benefits of growth. In this context skills development and TVET are explored. TVET has been identified by all BRICS as a vital ingredient of more inclusive and sustainable development. The paper considers how BRICS are charting new approaches to international development cooperation in education. Due to the varied experiences of individual countries, there are opportunities for BRICS to cooperate in several areas of education. Collaboration could led to enhanced quality of education data, facilitate student mobility, improve the relevance of skills training to the labour market, and deepen the knowledge base on BRICS development cooperation in education.

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