Causes and consequences of contraceptive discontinuation: evidence from 60 Demographic and Health surveys

Dynamics of contraceptive use continuation, switching and failure are important markers of how well programmes are meeting the family planning needs of women and couples. Studying the dynamics of contraceptive use can reveal problems in the use of contraceptive technologies and the gaps in the provision of services and, therefore, provide guidance essential for improving services. This compendium provides detailed information on the dynamics of contraceptive use from 60 surveys, conducted from 1990 to 2009, in 25 countries participating in the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) Programme. A more indepth analysis is based on most recent surveys during 2002–09 in 19 countries. The compendium makes available by far the largest amount of information and tabulations, covering 422 478 episodes of contraceptive use in countries of Africa, Asia, eastern Europe and Latin America, reported by women who were either married or in cohabiting unions at the time of use.

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