Chad: curriculum transition overview

In Chad, refugee students from the Central African Republic (CAR) follow the Chadian curriculum, whereas Sudanese refugees followed the Sudanese curriculum since they arrived in 2003. Due to the difference in language and educational system (Anglophone in Sudan versus Francophone in Chad), a decision was made in 2003 that Sudanese refugee children would follow the Sudanese curriculum. As in many other refugee contexts globally, it was not anticipated that the arrival of Sudanese refugees from Darfur in 2003 would evolve into a protracted situation where refugees would remain in Chad for more than 10 years. Discussions to facilitate greater linkages between the refugee education system and the national Chadian system, particularly at the secondary school level, began in 2008. With refugees still hoping for peace and an imminent return to Sudan, these discussions were not seriously reignited until 2012.

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