Condom Myths and Misconceptions: The Male Perspective

Despite extensive efforts in promoting condom use, men still engage in risky sexual
behaviors due to certain myths and misconceptions. Considering the threat posed by HIV to the development of Africa, this study investigates condom myths and misconceptions among 600 adult men in a West African University population. The mean age was 24 years, about 70% of the respondents were between 19-24 years. About 60% of men had engaged in sexual intercourse, a little over half knew about condoms and four out of five men had used condoms. More than half (60.8%) of the men were of the view that proper use of condom is a protection against HIV and about one-fifth (of those who had had sex) perceived the use of condom as inferior.

The study revealed that condom use was associated with condom myths and misconceptions (condom sex is inferior; condom reduces pleasure, condom reduces erection). However, most men would use condom in order to prevent a partner from refusing sex. Various governments and civil society organizations are to contribute towards the expansion of protective behaviour among men and women through condom promotion.

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