Education of Syrian refugee children: managing the crisis in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan

The Syrian civil war has displaced half of Syria’s population, with civilians fleeing internally or to other countries. Neighboring countries—particularly Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt— have opened borders to the refugees in response to such great humanitarian need, and the international aid community has responded with assistance. A particular area of concern is education for the refugee children, important for the future of Syrian and host country societies. This scoping study is intended to contribute to the ongoing policy discussions among governments, donors, and United Nations agencies about the education of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan (the three countries with the largest populations of Syrian refugees), on four topics: access (how can refugee children access education?); management (how will refugee education be planned, managed, and supported?); society (how can refugee education promote a stable and prosperous society and how can plans for refugee education be managed within sensitive political constraints?); and quality (how can the quality of education for both refugees and host country citizens be promoted in such difficult circumstances?)

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