A Framework for Education Quality

A good quality education arises from interaction between three enabling environments: policy, the school, and the home and community. Policies aimed at raising the quality of education for disadvantaged learners in sub-Saharan Africa and other low income contexts need to start by identifying key priorities for a specific national or local context.

A framework for implementing policy is presented which groups factors into policy, school and home and shows the interlinkages between these.

Policy priorities for quality inputs are identified in the following areas:

  • Suitably trained and motivated teachers
  • Headteacher training
  • Appropriate textbooks and learning materials
  • Infrastructure and resources
  • School meals and child health
  • Early childhood care and education

Policy priorities for quality processes are identified in the following areas:

  • National debate on education quality
  • Accountability and parental and community ‘voice’
  • Assessment, monitoring and evaluation
  • Relevant and inclusive curriculum and pedagogy
  • School, home and community links

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