The future of Syria: refugee children in crisis.

Over 1.1 million Syrian children have registered as refugees with UNHCR worldwide. Of this number, some 75 per cent are under the age of 12. Children represent 52 per cent of the total Syrian refugee population, which now exceeds 2.2 million. This report highlights the painful challenges these refugee children face every day. Research conducted over four months in Lebanon and Jordan found that Syrian refugee children face a startling degree of isolation and insecurity. If they aren’t working as breadwinners—often doing menial labour on farms or in shops—they are confined to their homes. The report notes that steps must be taken to: ensure the safety of people attempting to cross water and land borders; help the neighbours; stop recruitment and exploitation of children; expand resettlement and humanitarian admissions programmes for Syria’s children; provide alternatives so children do not have to work; and prevent statelessness.

The interactive digital version of the report is available here.

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