Good practice in cost sharing and financing in higher education

This good practice guide focuses on the importance of cost sharing and partnerships with stakeholders in higher education, including with the private sector. The guide supports Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) education sector staff in their policy dialogue with governments and other stakeholders, and during project processing. The guide discusses the debate and evolution of cost sharing and financing in higher education, options and design aspects in these areas, and strategies for policy dialogue and project preparation. It includes a practical “toolbox” to support these efforts.

This series—Focus on Education—surveys important topics including education sector policy, financing, and service delivery; identifies key concerns; and distills practical insights. It is intended for practitioners in the education sector in Asia and the Pacific. It draws on a wide range of sources, including materials on the experience of ADB’s education sector operations, and specific studies conducted by ADB. The series is integral to ADB’s efforts to support knowledge sharing and the implementation of Strategy 2020 in the education sector.

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