Improving teaching quality in Guinea with interactive radio instruction

Between 1998 and 2005 a suite of ICT-based interventions to help the Government of Guinea address its three main educational issues—increasing the number of teachers, increasing teacher quality, and improving instructional quality, particularly in rural areas of Guinea and for girls.

The three interventions are discussed in this document:

  • Classroom-based interactive radio instruction (Sous le Fromager), an effective delivery system for enhancing teachers’ basic content skills and for helping teachers with little or no instructional skills acquire those skills.
  • Radio broadcast designed to improve teachers’ instructional skills. A simulated teaching episode, followed by instructional strategies, formative assessment, and teachers talking together and evaluating the lesson that just occurred in an effort to model reflective practice.
  • Site-based face-to-face teacher professional development. Teachers from local schools come together in bi-monthly professional development days and cercles de renforcement to focus on areas of pre-determined teacher need and to receive “re-enforcement” in lesson planning, assessment and instruction.

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