India Health Report: Nutrition 2015

The India Health Report: Nutrition 2015 surveys the trends in maternal and child undernutrition in India. It looks at trends and disparities in these outcomes across geographical regions, socio-economic classes, and demographic groups.

Tackling undernutrition and enabling improvements in the determinants of poor nutrition requires actions from multiple actors and sectors, and at multiple levels. In order to develop a contextually relevant, high impact and pragmatic strategy to tackle undernutrition, decision-makers need to be able to understand the extent of the problem and its determinants, and identify the most important areas for intervention.

The report provides readers with a comprehensive state-level overview of the current nutrition status of under-five children in India, its multiple determinants, and the status of the country’s key nutrition-relevant interventions. The report’s objectives are to raise awareness about the multisectoral nature of undernutrition and to facilitate evidence-based discussions on future actions by bringing the focus to data, statistics and objective information.

Other aspects of the report can be explored here.



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