An investigation of appropriate new technologies to support interactive teaching in Zambian schools (ANTSIT): Final report to DfID

This research in Zambia investigated mobile forms of digital technology used to embed interactive forms of teaching and learning into classroom practice. The project explored what kinds of mobile devices and uses can create an environment supportive of learning through active participation and collaborative inquiry within under-resourced and under-privileged school communities. It also examined the constraining factors. The specific focus was on using netbook, tablet and laptop computers, e-Book and wiki readers, digital cameras and mini-projectors along with Open Educational resources and Open Source software to support students’ learning in mathematics and science. A variety of educational ICTs in two Zambian primary schools were evaluated over 30 visits in a period of 6 months. Data collection methods included interviews, post-lesson surveys, classroom observations, and video recordings. The work was carried out by Aptivate in conjunction with the Centre for Commonwealth Education at the University of Cambridge, and with iSchool Zambia.

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