Lessons for Developing Countries from Experience with Technical and Vocational Education and Training

Globalisation and technological changes to economies necessitate enhancement of literacy education and training. This paper focuses on the Draft National TVET Policy for Sierra Leone (DNTVET). This has been described as a high priority for the Government and all the Skills Development (SD) stakeholders in the Second Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP-11, 2009-2012). Enterprise and skills development, including the focus on youth employment, were emphasised. If Sierra Leone is to successfully make the transition to a middle-income country, successful skills development will be essential. Based on frontier research on the lessons learned from recent TVET reforms in other developing countries, this paper aims to inform the future comprehensive design and implementation of strategies for TVET in Sierra Leone. It suggests for how to address future challenges and opportunities to ensure that the good performance of TVET reforms contribute to the promotion of sustainable growth through private sector development.


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