Literature review: youth agency, peacebuilding and education

This literature review provides insights into youth agency and the dynamics of conflict and peace in conflict‐affected contexts. In particular it focuses on how educational interventions may contribute to enhancing the agency of youth as peacebuilders. In its key findings, the review highlights the need for: comprehensive understandings of youth agency for peacebuilding which will move away from a victim‐perpetrators binary to an understanding of heterogeneous youth constituencies as embedded within and reacting to processes of conflict and peace; more rigorous evaluative and empirical data on the impact of educational interventions on youth peacebuilding agency; context‐specific, conflict‐sensitive and youth‐specific policy and programming; engagement with youth voices, identities and needs; involvement of community and youth peer educators in promoting youth agency; adapting the content and processes of teaching and learning so that they enhance young people’s agency for peacebuilding; and integrated programmatic responses which avoid narrow framings of the potential of education and which connect educational processes to the political, economic, cultural and potential conciliatory dimensions of youth’s exercise of agency and the peacebuilding processes in which they are located.

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