A note on income and poverty of persons with disabilities in Metro Manila

This chapter elaborates income and poverty related aspects of the analyses developed in the previous chapter. First, the differences in income level and poverty indices by disability are statistically examined. Second, determinants of income are singled out by estimation of the Mincer equation, which will be described shortly. Main conclusions are the followings: (1) the incidence of poverty is higher among sample PWDs than that of total population in Metro Manila; (2) the depth of poverty is greater among sample PWDs, too; (3) female PWDs are less privileged than male PWDs with the same level of education, age, marital status and sort of disability; and (4) large variations among PWDs in income and level of education. In other words, while there are some PWDs who made a great achievement in business and life, a substantial number of PWDs have very low monetary income with low level of education.

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