Opportunities for change: education innovation and reform during and after conflict

Conflict and displacement create distinctive challenges for education practitioners. However, opportunities for reform and positive change within the sector also arise simultaneously during and after conflict. This book explores some of the prospects for positive transformation. A series of 10 case studies presents specific examples of how positive change has been implemented in the education sector in several different conflict and recovery settings. Case studies are drawn from Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, Southern Sudan, Kosovo, South Africa, Colombia, Rwanda, Sri Lanka and Uganda. Some of these demonstrate that there can also be resistance to transforming the education sector. This book also emphasises that the protection of students and teachers coupled with conflict prevention and peace-building initiatives should be prioritised and promoted throughout the education system to ensure that the opportunities for positive change are indeed fully realised. The chapter titled, the Teacher Education Package (TEP) and NRC’s emergency education support in Angola: 12 years and 212,000 children by E. K. Midttun, highlights key aspects of support to the education sector.

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