Post-Basic Education and Training in Rwanda: Skills Development for Dynamic Economic Growth

This report details the key aspects of the Rwandan education sector. It highlights quality improvement in basic education. It takes the perspective that Rwanda’s Post-Basic Education and Training (PBET) system is main method of skilled labour force generation, helping Rwanda with the transition towards a middle-income, knowledge- and expert-based economy. PBET is defined as all formal education and training for which the entry requirement is the completion of at least basic education. The first chapter describes Rwanda’s recent growth trends, ambitions for the future, and the role that skills development must play to ensure that these ambitions can be reached. The following chapter shows an analysis of the Rwandan labour market, exploring trends in both labour supply and demand, with an emphasis on the educational attainment of the labour force. Chapter three describes the context of PBET policies and strategies and the structure of the PBET system, highlighting the key features of its various segments. The fourth chapter focuses on the governance, management, and financing of the PBET system. The final chapter describes suggested policy options that would contribute to the promotion of a well-integrated and managed system.

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