Protracted displacement: uncertain paths to self-reliance in exile

This paper presents a pilot tool to begin understanding the opportunities for self-reliance and livelihood assistance afforded by various situations of displacement: a basic typology for where assistance is needed and what kind of assistance may be best suited to the situation at hand. The typology examines four themes in any situation of protracted displacement that affect the ability of people to seek self-reliance and livelihood solutions: i) the legal framework and protection environment; ii) access to markets and the private sector; iii) the capacities, resources and assets of the displaced; and iv) the environment for external intervention. Each of these themes is assigned a numerical score and the aggregate score provides an overall estimate – ranging from ‘most constraining’ to ‘most conducive’ – of how receptive that displacement crisis would be to external interventions in support of self-reliance and livelihoods. How a situation scores also provides clues as to the types of interventions that might be most appropriate.

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