The school bus project: mobile education for refugees

The objective of this case study is to support the development of innovative and inclusive educational spaces for Calais refugees that are responsive to their needs and capacities and to the changing dynamics of the camp. Using an action research approach, this innovation aims to convert a bus into a mobile school that not only houses classrooms, but also serves as a basecamp for storage and recharging of ‘popup schools’ and ‘lessons-in-a-box’ that can be transported to different camp sections, digital technology resources that open up individual virtual learning spaces, and an access point for resources needed by the existing schools in camp. At the heart of this innovation is the commitment to improving the quality of teaching and learning within these educational spaces by staffing the school with trained volunteers who share in the School Bus Project vision. This approach goes beyond understanding education as a unidirectional transfer of knowledge from an ‘expert’ to a ‘novice’ to seeing it as a process by which knowledge is co-constructed and shared by all participants

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