Syria crisis education fact sheet: Middle East and North Africa out-of-school children initiative

In Syria, the crisis has pushed the capacity of basic social services to the breaking point, with a devastating impact on 4.5 million children. A total of 2 million children are out of school and one in five schools has been destroyed, damaged, or used for other purposes, including occupation by armed groups. The economic and social collapse in Syria has reversed decades of educational achievement. In Turkey, there are close to 530,000 registered Syrian refugee children who face countless obstacles to education. The refugee surge in Lebanon has created an education crisis affecting all Syrian, Palestinian and vulnerable Lebanese children. Over 69 per cent of more than 380,000 Syrian children in Lebanon remain out of school. In Jordan, the majority of registered Syrian refugees are children under 18, and the burden on the public education system is taking its toll. In Iraq, an estimated 67,000 child refugees from Syria have not had regular access to schooling for months, or in some cases years, limiting their opportunities for learning. Host communities are struggling to meet their education needs, along with the needs of 0.5 million internally displaced Iraqi students, especially in Kurdistan. In Egypt, the quality of the school environment in public schools is a significant barrier to the enrolment and retention of 40,000 Syrian children, and additional barriers include the difficulties Syrian children face in adjusting to the Egyptian dialect and curriculum.

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