A systematic policy review of early childhood development and peace building in fourteen conflict-affected and post-conflict countries

This report presents the findings of a systematic review of early childhood development (ECD) and peacebuilding policies across 14conflict-affected and post-conflict countries. The study sought to map existing national-level policies covering a range of crosssectors: ECD, peacebuilding and social welfare policies. Overall, the findings show ‘policy gaps’ across all 14 countries in the recognition of the importance of early childhood development. There are also limited linkages in the policy discourses between early childhood development and peacebuilding. Yet, there is some empirical and policy evidence which show the effectiveness of early childhood development and education in promoting positive changes in young children’s lives and their potential contributions to social cohesion and reconciliation in conflict-affected states. The review shows compelling reasons for increased prioritisation of the early years and ECD in policy development in the promotion of peacebuilding.

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