Nutrition Scorecard Launch: Driving Accountability and Future Commitments

ACTION global health advocacy partnership have launched their Nutrition Donor Scorecards, an accountability tool for tracking donor’s Nutrition for Growth Commitments. Until recently nutrition has been relegated to the sidelines of development planning only taking center stage at times of acute humanitarian crises. Yet with undernutrition behind 45% of all preventable child deaths worldwide this… Read more

Building High-Performing and Improving Education Systems: Quality assurance and accountability

This review focuses on quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation, and the use of these methods to drive educational improvement and accountability; addressing structures, responsibilities, processes, tools and models of evaluation. Monitoring, evaluation and quality assurance in their various forms are seen as being one of the foundation stones of high-quality education systems. According to Akkari,… Read more

Availability of school performance data and learning achievement

These helpdesks were designed to enable an extensive search for evidence on various methods for improving learning. There are a series of six similar reports, each is based on an edit of a literature search for their chosen method. After the initial search had been done the search fields were expanded to include further search… Read more

Third party verification of the delivery of education goods and services

This report focuses on third party verification of the delivery of education goods and services and how this verification can be implemented. Information on verification for aid delivery in general is included in section 2. A key feature of Cash on Delivery Aid is independent verification. It is also discussed in relation to Results-based Financing. In… Read more

Voice and accountability in the health sector

Useful sources on assessment of voice and accountability (V&A) include: a systematic review on health facility committees, a review of community accountability at peripheral health facilities, a technical brief on strengthening V&A in health sector, and assessment of health centre committees on performance and resource allocation. Assessment of specific initiatives include: schemes in Burundi, health… Read more

Costings for community accountability interventions

There are a number of community accountability mechanisms in health interventions. These range from community health committees which aim to represent the community in planning, monitoring and evaluating health services to those in which community members are actively involved in the delivery of health services as volunteers or community health workers. Other models of community… Read more

Accountability in Education

This paper includes an annotated bibliography showing key resources including those assessing different types of accountability systems, analysis of improved schools and what makes schools successful.  The section is also divided into performance accountability, professional accountability and market accountability.  There are additional sections on impact and evaluation of initiatives which outlines key areas such as… Read more

Voice and Accountability in the Education Sector

This report is on evidence of effective voice and accountability interventions in the education sector. Some of the main findings include: School Management Committee (SMCs) and Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) • Parent teacher associations are seen as a key forum. • School functioning has improved where communities have been actively involved. Reducing teacher absenteeism •… Read more

Community Engagement in Health Service Delivery

There is evidence to show that community participation and accountability in health service delivery and health care leads to improved health outcomes within that community. This review gives definitions of the key concepts and a history of community participation and accountability in section 2. The experience of pilot programmes suggests that community mobilisation can bring… Read more

Health in Tanzania

This report gives an overview of the health situation in Tanzania and their progress towards the goals set in the health Millennium Development Goals. The Joint External Evaluation of the Health Sector in Tanzania concluded that the Health SWAp has contributed to improvements in health outcomes and to improvements in the quality of health services… Read more

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